Dr. Lister Matome Kawimbe M.D, the spouse to the 121st elected and consecrated Bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, Bishop Paul Jones Mulenga Kawimbe was born in a family of AMEs. She is AME! A passionate, powerful and praying woman of God. She is an intercessor who has served on the local church’s Steward Board and as a Sunday school teacher at Nazareth Chapel AME Church, in Middleburg, South Africa.

She currently serves as the Episcopal Supervisor for the Nineteenth Episcopal District of the African Methodist Church consisting of five Annual Conferences: Orangia, Natal, East, West and M.M. Memorial. She oversees the work of the Women’s Missionary Society, the Young People’s Division, Ministers Spouses, Widows and Widowers plus Preacher Kids, and the Young Women’s Initiative.

Dr. Kawimbe strongly believes in empowering members of the community. Her slogan encourages individuals to move “From giving a person a fish, to teaching them how to fish”. She earnestly believes by teaching the people skills and opening up opportunities, in the form of projects, it will provide the main line of hope, growth and rescue from poverty. Her vision supports the United Nations’ Global Sustainable Goals and reinforces her strong points which are community empowerment, eradication of poverty and job creation. Her passions are: 1) educating young people for leadership; 2) supporting people with special needs; 3) assisting the ageing in maintaining their independence to live a full, resourceful and quality life.

Dr. Kawimbe completed her academic studies at the Medical University of Southern Africa, (Medunsa) now known as George Mukhari University.

She is a General Practitioner and a Public Health Educator. She educates the public about the reality and truth of HIV/AIDS. As a healthcare giver, she has witnessed the suffering of those who are infected and affected by HIV. She identified the need to open a Medical Centre to educate and enlighten people, at the grassroots level, about the threats and challenges of the HIV/AID pandemic, which attacks and destroy our culture, community and lives. She opened her own practice in Witbank, after working 14 years’ at a local hospital as a physician. Her practice assisted her in identifying the community need for after hour medical service. She presently owns and operates a 24hr multi-service Medical Center in the township of Mhluzi, Middleburg. She named the facility after the town, to give the residents a sense of ownership. She also created job opportunities for the community. Mhluzi Medical Centre was opened in January 2013. Dr. Kawimbe’s goal for the Medical Center is to have 15 beds and management team of professional were they will possess seven golden rule:
1) Counseling 2) Education 3) Diagnosis 4) Treatment 5) Lifestyle Options 6) Support 7) Motivation

Dr. Kawimbe is a wonderful mother to Noko, Emmanuel, Joshua, Paul, Koketso, Damaris and Jemima. She enjoys cooking, traveling, exploring new things and experiencing great adventures, and loving her family with passion!

Her scripture of reflection is Malachi 3:6 “For I am the LORD, I change not”